Daily Bits


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My girls are making it difficult to get anything done this morning. Every few seconds there is another vocalization in the form of a meep from one of them, one more than others.

Climate change has everything in an early awakening cycle. There will be at least one more temperature drop before Spring is here. The cats are shedding and the trees are blooming.

I have decided to forgo a garden this year in order to concentrate on remodeling the house. Since I’m doing this myself, it is taking longer than I planned. Life keeps getting in the way but that’s ok, I’m not going anywhere.

I’m listening to a podcast that is talking about fun money. This is a concept I have followed for many years. Simply divy up your paycheck into different categories. That way when you have the amount you need for a particular task, the money is there and you’re paying in cash, not with a credit card. This is how I purchased the LEGO Disney Castle in a previous post. My next venture is a PS4.

This podcast kinda feels like I’m doing it right. Not that I need validation but that this is the best way to do it and achieve goals at the same time.

Have a great Wednesday!



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Change occurs everyday and at the same time it can seem as though there isn’t much change.

As humans, we like consistency. We like knowing how things will be. This line of thinking is at our own peril.

As a big self improvement person, one thing I have seen repeatedly is that preventing change crates more chaos than allowing it to occur.

Being home a lot recently due to the all dreaded winter bug, there has been quiet, peace, and time to think. Like I really need to be thinking more.

One goal in the new year was to simplify my life. For three months, I have spent significant time setting up an online shop that I just can’t seem to get it to work right. After looking at the time I’ve spent on this shop and deciding how much I really care about it, I chose to delete it and cross it off of my list of things to do.

This action made me feel lighter. I realized that while I thought it was a good idea, I was not dedicated to it and that time spent on it was preventing me from doing things that are more of a priority to me.

Sometimes in order to make change, we have to be honest with ourselves and the reason why we are pursuing certain things.

We have to evaluate what is the real importance to me and why am I really spending energy and time on it? Is the expenditure going to be outweighed by the gain?

The world has become a complicated and fast moving set of wheels that don’t stop.

There is a brake, we simply have to use it.




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These days, my focus has been what makes me happy.

July 2016, LEGO Corporation announced the release of the Disney Castle.

For those that do not build LEGO, it is a rather large set which means a price tag that will prevent many from buying it. Don’t get me wrong, it’s well worth the money; on a fixed income it takes time to save the money up for it.

I was never a big fan of Disney. I liked and would purchase certain products: movies, stuffed animals, etc…

Last year, I had me first visit to Disneyland and I fell in love with the parks. I truly understood what the commotion was about.

I came to realize my grumpiness about visiting parks was related to how unhappy and stressed I was all of the time.

Being a grown up child has become my way of life.

Don’t misunderstand that. I punch a time clock, pay my bills, and all of the other adult things that need to be done. I simplified life so that when those tasks were done, the child is released to do the things I want to do, the things that increase my happiness tenfold like building LEGO, going to Disneyland, travel, movies, and what ever else I come up with.

The point is, my Disney Castle set arrived yesterday (on Valentine’s Day). I had been saving a little bit of money each paycheck for this set, used my VIP points to pay for part of it and found a way to get what I wanted without interrupting adult life.

The anticipation of watching the money grow, the surge of pleasure when I could finally order it, and the excitement when it arrived on my doorstep yesterday all made me as happy as a child bouncing around.

There is nothing wrong with that feeling. Don’t let society push it out of you.

Happiness is Disney

Happiness is LEGO

Happiness is a conscious choice

Happiness is being yourself

Happiness comes from within

Are you ready to be happy?


NaNoWritMo Begins!


Today is the day!

We start writing what ever it is that we are going to write for this 50,000 word novel writing contest.

Have your ideas going?

I don’t. I looked at the note on my computer and few choice words inadvertently flew out of mouth.

So here’s the deal.

I set my plan up for 2000 words a day for 25 days.

Why do I do this?

Unforeseen events.

I have a paranoia with time and the lack thereof. I know, deep breath, there is always plenty of time. Even though I’ve come a long way with this, there’s a longer road ahead of me.

What to write?

Well…that’s a little more tricky. The truth is, what comes out is where I will go this time around!

Faith in the universe will prevail!

Too all of my fellow NaNoWritMo participants:

Happy writing and looking forward to a long list of submissions!

Gut Feelings


I am one of those people that tends to ‘put off’ what my gut tells be to; that action has been to my own peril.

Not long ago, I realized this and made a conscious choice to listen to my instincts more.

Yesterday, I woke up with a nagging feeling to work in me garden. I was simply too tired to really do anything so I put it off, just watering the garden where I noticed the tops of two of my tomato plants were striped. Damn.

So this morning, with the same nagging feeling only intensified, I went out into the garden when the sun finally decided to appear. Low and behold. The culprit (I should say culprits) of my tomato plant destruction were caught in the act!

The Sphinx gordius, also known as a silk moth, had invaded my garden!

I collected ten of these bad boys off of the plants, ranging from 1 1/2 inches to 3 inches long. After checking each leaf, I am confident that I removed all of them and all of the eggs. But no matter how sure I am, I always have this left over feeling of ‘what if’.

The damage so far has been the top 40% of the 12 plants have been striped pretty good, most if it clean. I will have to wait and see 1. if I got all the damn things and 2. the plants will be able to rebound from the damage.

Have a great Tuesday!

Silly, Silly Me


Silly me figured that since I wanted to take my writing seriously, I would listen to the experts that say to have an official website. After researching, I went with a hosting service that was highly recommended. Inexpensive, easy to use, and quick. Sounds great!

Three hours later, I’m cancelling the service and keeping my current author page. The first thing that got me was the cost. They show a low monthly fee then when you sign up, you are charged for multiple years of service at one shot. There is no monthly fee, it’s an upfront charge for the entire length of the contract, which is not disclosed. Yes, I read the terms of use and all of the other fine print. That’s also how I know I have three days for a full refund.

Then, I went to download a template for the site. That’s an additional fee. Anything I want to do tot he site, there is an additional fee. I came to realize that this simple little author page just turned into a serious financial undertaking.

Due to the backwards way of doing business I have seen lately, I will stay with the current services that I use. I will also have faith that readers can find a website with my name in it that is not solely just my name. They can also simply follow the link listed in there eBook.



Today, I am fortunate enough to walk in ceremony for obtaining my master’s degree. Why am I walking? Besides the fact that the whole thing is boring  and most people are uncomfortable in their dress clothes, it’s a right of passage. It’s a right of passage that I get to choose whether I go or not. Do I care about my name being called over the intercom, no. I do want a copy of the program where my name is listed.

While I should be ecstatic that this day is here, I am also a bit apprehensive. For one thing, I’m really not done for 5 more weeks; it’s simply how my program is set up. No big deal but it’s hard to be excited about walking when I still have papers to write and exams to complete.

The apprehension comes from not knowing what the next step is. Admission into the program I wanted was denied. Now, the search continues for a program that I find inspiring and can afford. There are prospects, I simply am not in a place to make that decision right now.

One of my favorite lines to describe myself was ‘a jack of all trades, a master of none’. Recently, I’ve come to realize how wrong that statement is. I may not be a master in the sense society deems necessary but I am a master of change. I am also a master of face checking it and trying to prevent it (at my own peril).

That ends now. Maybe if I stopped trying to force my way I wouldn’t be so tired. I am not saying sit around an do nothing, I will continue to research and submit applications. By all means , you still have to do something to pursue your dreams, I’m simply saying not to put so much emotion into and go with what is provided. If I’m meant to obtain my doctorate, then the appropriate program will appear while I’m researching and I’ll be accepted when I apply, that’s all. No more planning a straight line, that has only caused problems in my life.

It’s time to get on with my life how it is meant to be, not how I think it should be.

Have an awesome Saturday!



We all go through some kind of personal development; some expand and some contract. Some become spiritual and some become arrogant. Each life is a personal journey; one’s own path so to speak.

My own personal journey has been an uphill battle. A fight that I didn’t know I was fighting, a fight that I didn’t know how to win, a fight I didn’t know I was fighting.

My journey has been a long one, at least to me. During my research and expansion, I was found by Ester and Jerry Hicks and the Teachings of Abraham.

Listening to Abraham emits a calming force with in me. For those that have not heard of Abraham, Abraham is not a who but a collection of what. After listening to many of their recorded shows, a single question came to mind.

Why would a collection of beings from source channel themselves through a single person on our world and promote contrast?

Abraham often speaks of expansion and how we create reality through thought. Then it occurred to me that had read a story about how our expanding universe is slowing down.

Bare with me…

If we chose to come here to experience contrast, what happens when contrast is reduced?

Contrast is reduced by conformity, religion, society, and forcing someone else to follow what one believes to be true.

Wars force conformity, death to those that do not.

World population grows exponentially.

Contrast is shun.

Conformity is expected.

If contrast makes the universe expand and the lack of contrast causes the universe to retract, then…

If I was a collections of beings that from source and saw this occurring…

I too would find a way to channel through a being in that world to promote what was needed to keep the expansion going.

My former philosophy professor would have a field day tearing this apart if he saw it.

Have an awesome day!




Lately, the thoughts of today’s youth and their actions with their cell phones have come to the forefront of issues I have to handle everyday. This came to light after a young woman walked out into a six lane road without pushing the crosswalk light; she was too busy looking at her phone.

The thought that occurred to me was “what happened in on generation to create this situation?” One thought lead to another and the process took me to the past.

I don’t remember the exact year, I was a tween at the time, my mother brought home the first computer that would grace my world. School required me to take a DOS class, my mother pushed me to learn computers; “it’s the way of the future” they would say. As a teen, I really didn’t care.

Computer class was boring, programming irritating; friends were fun so I headed in that direction.

In my home, we went from  Commodore 64/128 computer system to an Atari game system. Games, now that caught my attention. I was more interested in playing than programming; playing games in the evening with my dad became an event for us.

When I met my husband to be, he was a computer gamer. He showed my how valuable a computer was as a tool. Under his tutelage, I learned how to use DOS.

Then came the blessings of all blessings, GUI (graphical user interface) and it changed the world. Many of us struggled to use a computer until the GUI came to be. Computers are a valuable tool; then our worst fears came to light.

Society became dependent on the tool and the tool became the world.

It appears that many of those that have known computers all of their life know even less about computers then we did when they were first released. The thought was that being born with this tool would enhance ones world when it actually created a generation of zombies. They can only use a GUI, stuck in a world that is virtual and not knowing what reality is.

There’s therapy for that.

I love gaming, I love computers and all of the wonderful things they have opened us up to. Perhaps it is because of my beginnings with binary systems that I see computers for the valuable tool that it is. At the same time, it is important to be able to function without a computer despite our dependency on them.

Food for thought.

Have a great day!