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As I look around the plane I noticed the different stages of life this vessel encompasses. I watch a young mother of 2 in diapers trying to coerce the little boy to nap. I see military fresh from school heading to their first assignment. I see an older man talking endlessly to the young girl next to him. The grandmother behind me is talking about her college grand babies. Seeing this made me ask myself, what stage am I at?

My married days are past. My child is grown. My military days are long gone. My college days have ended. My parents have moved on. Each of these lives seem to be so far gone. Each of these lifetimes vanished with the setting sun.

I’m grateful for the plethora of experiences I have had. The question now is what’s next? What other journeys are there for me to navigate? What lifetime is next on my path?

I guess only time will tell after all I don’t have talent in scrying.