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In the last year, there have been two wildfires where I like to be in touch with nature. I saw the damage right after the last fire occurred but I didn’t have my phone with me. I told myself next time, today was the next time.


The reason I wanted pictures of the area was because as I stood there I realized that this is where I am. This is where my community is.

Out of the Ashes we are born anew.

Secondary succession as a natural process. One that we are taking when we change something in our lives.


Sometimes the damage is minor, sometimes it’s severe. Either way we grow from what happened. Sometimes there are visible scars, sometimes there are none.

How we react and move forward determines the outcome. When you have the courage to face the pain, the effects are lessened. When you hold your breath and take that leap, you find the path. When you open your heart, you find love.

No matter your challenges, you are never alone.