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For the first time since the events of 1 Oct 2017, I don’t feel as though I am not anchored. Even though my son, my home, and my job gave me a stability to help me through the last few months, I couldn’t seem to find the meaning behind not feeling like there was solid ground beneath me.

Somehow, I inadvertently started becoming a life coach of sorts for trauma survivors. In the past week, my creativity has started to return as well as my need to write. Right now I can only seem to write about trauma recovery and steps to getting your life back. I feels as though it is the right direction right now. We’ll see how the guide comes out.

A few months ago, I began working with a graduate class cohort on writing grants and then the shooting happened and I lost my footing. While decoding my way through recovery, I expanded on what I wanted to do. Mitigation as well as organization and paperwork handling are innate abilities I was gifted with so I started going with it. My educational background is in environmental studies and crisis and emergency management. Practical experience turned from legal issues with my mom when she was in the hospital (i.e. living will, will, power of attorney) and from trauma recovery from the shooting as aiding friends with trauma recovery in the past. I possess a unique skill set. One I have begun to put together.

While I will continue with my current job, I will pursue my independent work and hopefully build enough experience to be able to support myself with full time.