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Concerts are the best thing ever for me. All of my life I have loved attending concerts of all genres. it doesn’t matter whether it’s a county fair and we’re sitting on the grass or an indoor stadium holding 30,000 screaming fans. Music speaks. The energy of the band combined with the energy of the crowd induces one hell of a good time.

In 2012, I was honored to attend a concert I thought would never take place in the United States. Two days ago, I attended another concert for the same band.

The show that this band produces is nothing like I had ever seen before. It’s a combination of story telling with visual play that is acting out in front of you. The vocals and music are in sync, no one is overbearing to the other. Even if you don’t know the language, you can feel the intent of the lyrics. Their use of pyrotechnics, lights, and industrial background is in perfect balance and has made this show the best one I had ever seen.

To most people that doesn’t mean anything but to those that know me, it says the world.

If you have the opportunity and want to see a great show, Rammstein is the way to go.