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After in interesting and filling two weeks, I’m siting here typing this instead of going to work because I’m on forced leave for an injury. This morning, I signed for a credit card, now I feel as though I need to wash my mouth out. What a nasty set of words. This card, while not ideal was the best decision at the time, with 0% financing. Something important broke and is essential to fix.

Why is this important to me?

This is the end of a long couple weeks that lead up to me sucking it up, swallowing my pride, and signing the paper.

For all of my adult life, I have given everything to everyone. I made everyone’s wants and dreams happen with my time and money. That stopped.

I infuriated several people in my life with a simple phrase:

“Not my circus, not my monkeys” or “not my problem”

I forced everyone’s issues back on them. Yes, you read that correctly. No more push over.

No more chauffeuring, no more hand outs, no more nice guy.

My garage is being cleaned out right now of someone’s crap. My driveway is being cleared of another persons¬†paperweights. I received a phone call from a locator service , passed on the information and told all of them to never contact me again.

This has lead to a very quiet morning to look at the events leading up to this.

I like to help. It’s simple. There is a line where helping someone turns into being taken advantage of. Not one single person that I have been helping came to my aid in the last couple weeks, not one. When handling my own things, life is damn good. Things happen and its no big deal.

Drama from the outside is poisoning.

It’s time for the vamps to go.