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My girls are making it difficult to get anything done this morning. Every few seconds there is another vocalization in the form of a meep from one of them, one more than others.

Climate change has everything in an early awakening cycle. There will be at least one more temperature drop before Spring is here. The cats are shedding and the trees are blooming.

I have decided to forgo a garden this year in order to concentrate on remodeling the house. Since I’m doing this myself, it is taking longer than I planned. Life keeps getting in the way but that’s ok, I’m not going anywhere.

I’m listening to a podcast that is talking about fun money. This is a concept I have followed for many years. Simply divy up your paycheck into different categories. That way when you have the amount you need for a particular task, the money is there and you’re paying in cash, not with a credit card. This is how I purchased the LEGO Disney Castle in a previous post. My next venture is a PS4.

This podcast kinda feels like I’m doing it right. Not that I need validation but that this is the best way to do it and achieve goals at the same time.

Have a great Wednesday!