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Change occurs everyday and at the same time it can seem as though there isn’t much change.

As humans, we like consistency. We like knowing how things will be. This line of thinking is at our own peril.

As a big self improvement person, one thing I have seen repeatedly is that preventing change crates more chaos than allowing it to occur.

Being home a lot recently due to the all dreaded winter bug, there has been quiet, peace, and time to think. Like I really need to be thinking more.

One goal in the new year was to simplify my life. For three months, I have spent significant time setting up an online shop that I just can’t seem to get it to work right. After looking at the time I’ve spent on this shop and deciding how much I really care about it, I chose to delete it and cross it off of my list of things to do.

This action made me feel lighter. I realized that while I thought it was a good idea, I was not dedicated to it and that time spent on it was preventing me from doing things that are more of a priority to me.

Sometimes in order to make change, we have to be honest with ourselves and the reason why we are pursuing certain things.

We have to evaluate what is the real importance to me and why am I really spending energy and time on it? Is the expenditure going to be outweighed by the gain?

The world has become a complicated and fast moving set of wheels that don’t stop.

There is a brake, we simply have to use it.