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These days, my focus has been what makes me happy.

July 2016, LEGO Corporation announced the release of the Disney Castle.

For those that do not build LEGO, it is a rather large set which means a price tag that will prevent many from buying it. Don’t get me wrong, it’s well worth the money; on a fixed income it takes time to save the money up for it.

I was never a big fan of Disney. I liked and would purchase certain products: movies, stuffed animals, etc…

Last year, I had me first visit to Disneyland and I fell in love with the parks. I truly understood what the commotion was about.

I came to realize my grumpiness about visiting parks was related to how unhappy and stressed I was all of the time.

Being a grown up child has become my way of life.

Don’t misunderstand that. I punch a time clock, pay my bills, and all of the other adult things that need to be done. I simplified life so that when those tasks were done, the child is released to do the things I want to do, the things that increase my happiness tenfold like building LEGO, going to Disneyland, travel, movies, and what ever else I come up with.

The point is, my Disney Castle set arrived yesterday (on Valentine’s Day). I had been saving a little bit of money each paycheck for this set, used my VIP points to pay for part of it and found a way to get what I wanted without interrupting adult life.

The anticipation of watching the money grow, the surge of pleasure when I could finally order it, and the excitement when it arrived on my doorstep yesterday all made me as happy as a child bouncing around.

There is nothing wrong with that feeling. Don’t let society push it out of you.

Happiness is Disney

Happiness is LEGO

Happiness is a conscious choice

Happiness is being yourself

Happiness comes from within

Are you ready to be happy?