Today is the day!

We start writing what ever it is that we are going to write for this 50,000 word novel writing contest.

Have your ideas going?

I don’t. I looked at the note on my computer and few choice words inadvertently flew out of mouth.

So here’s the deal.

I set my plan up for 2000 words a day for 25 days.

Why do I do this?

Unforeseen events.

I have a paranoia with time and the lack thereof. I know, deep breath, there is always plenty of time. Even though I’ve come a long way with this, there’s a longer road ahead of me.

What to write?

Well…that’s a little more tricky. The truth is, what comes out is where I will go this time around!

Faith in the universe will prevail!

Too all of my fellow NaNoWritMo participants:

Happy writing and looking forward to a long list of submissions!