I am one of those people that tends to ‘put off’ what my gut tells be to; that action has been to my own peril.

Not long ago, I realized this and made a conscious choice to listen to my instincts more.

Yesterday, I woke up with a nagging feeling to work in me garden. I was simply too tired to really do anything so I put it off, just watering the garden where I noticed the tops of two of my tomato plants were striped. Damn.

So this morning, with the same nagging feeling only intensified, I went out into the garden when the sun finally decided to appear. Low and behold. The culprit (I should say culprits) of my tomato plant destruction were caught in the act!

The Sphinx gordius, also known as a silk moth, had invaded my garden!

I collected ten of these bad boys off of the plants, ranging from 1 1/2 inches to 3 inches long. After checking each leaf, I am confident that I removed all of them and all of the eggs. But no matter how sure I am, I always have this left over feeling of ‘what if’.

The damage so far has been the top 40% of the 12 plants have been striped pretty good, most if it clean. I will have to wait and see 1. if I got all the damn things and 2. the plants will be able to rebound from the damage.

Have a great Tuesday!