Silly me figured that since I wanted to take my writing seriously, I would listen to the experts that say to have an official website. After researching, I went with a hosting service that was highly recommended. Inexpensive, easy to use, and quick. Sounds great!

Three hours later, I’m cancelling the service and keeping my current author page. The first thing that got me was the cost. They show a low monthly fee then when you sign up, you are charged for multiple years of service at one shot. There is no monthly fee, it’s an upfront charge for the entire length of the contract, which is not disclosed. Yes, I read the terms of use and all of the other fine print. That’s also how I know I have three days for a full refund.

Then, I went to download a template for the site. That’s an additional fee. Anything I want to do tot he site, there is an additional fee. I came to realize that this simple little author page just turned into a serious financial undertaking.

Due to the backwards way of doing business I have seen lately, I will stay with the current services that I use. I will also have faith that readers can find a website with my name in it that is not solely just my name. They can also simply follow the link listed in there eBook.