We all go through some kind of personal development; some expand and some contract. Some become spiritual and some become arrogant. Each life is a personal journey; one’s own path so to speak.

My own personal journey has been an uphill battle. A fight that I didn’t know I was fighting, a fight that I didn’t know how to win, a fight I didn’t know I was fighting.

My journey has been a long one, at least to me. During my research and expansion, I was found by Ester and Jerry Hicks and the Teachings of Abraham.

Listening to Abraham emits a calming force with in me. For those that have not heard of Abraham, Abraham is not a who but a collection of what. After listening to many of their recorded shows, a single question came to mind.

Why would a collection of beings from source channel themselves through a single person on our world and promote contrast?

Abraham often speaks of expansion and how we create reality through thought. Then it occurred to me that had read a story about how our expanding universe is slowing down.

Bare with me…

If we chose to come here to experience contrast, what happens when contrast is reduced?

Contrast is reduced by conformity, religion, society, and forcing someone else to follow what one believes to be true.

Wars force conformity, death to those that do not.

World population grows exponentially.

Contrast is shun.

Conformity is expected.

If contrast makes the universe expand and the lack of contrast causes the universe to retract, then…

If I was a collections of beings that from source and saw this occurring…

I too would find a way to channel through a being in that world to promote what was needed to keep the expansion going.

My former philosophy professor would have a field day tearing this apart if he saw it.

Have an awesome day!