Lately, the thoughts of today’s youth and their actions with their cell phones have come to the forefront of issues I have to handle everyday. This came to light after a young woman walked out into a six lane road without pushing the crosswalk light; she was too busy looking at her phone.

The thought that occurred to me was “what happened in on generation to create this situation?” One thought lead to another and the process took me to the past.

I don’t remember the exact year, I was a tween at the time, my mother brought home the first computer that would grace my world. School required me to take a DOS class, my mother pushed me to learn computers; “it’s the way of the future” they would say. As a teen, I really didn’t care.

Computer class was boring, programming irritating; friends were fun so I headed in that direction.

In my home, we went from  Commodore 64/128 computer system to an Atari game system. Games, now that caught my attention. I was more interested in playing than programming; playing games in the evening with my dad became an event for us.

When I met my husband to be, he was a computer gamer. He showed my how valuable a computer was as a tool. Under his tutelage, I learned how to use DOS.

Then came the blessings of all blessings, GUI (graphical user interface) and it changed the world. Many of us struggled to use a computer until the GUI came to be. Computers are a valuable tool; then our worst fears came to light.

Society became dependent on the tool and the tool became the world.

It appears that many of those that have known computers all of their life know even less about computers then we did when they were first released. The thought was that being born with this tool would enhance ones world when it actually created a generation of zombies. They can only use a GUI, stuck in a world that is virtual and not knowing what reality is.

There’s therapy for that.

I love gaming, I love computers and all of the wonderful things they have opened us up to. Perhaps it is because of my beginnings with binary systems that I see computers for the valuable tool that it is. At the same time, it is important to be able to function without a computer despite our dependency on them.

Food for thought.

Have a great day!