Many years have been spent feelings as though there was more. Many tears lost wondering what was done and what should have been done to make things right.

But, what really is right?

Right is different for each person. One’s path is one’s own journey.

I was recently irritated by someone that has had everything handed to them, including a career (two careers actually) that I not only wanted, I actively pursued for many years and now hold student debt for. I suppose you can even say there was a jealous moment; not because she was receiving these gifts that I worked so hard for but that she was so ungrateful. It was difficult to send all my love her way.

While this may seem normal and we all have had those moments, that doesn’t mean we should. That feeling simply says that we are not placing our energy where we should.

The path I wanted and worked for wasn’t my path. What I thought I should do wasn’t the reason I came here for. While strengths lay in those fields, my main talent came through while pursuing the others; I simply had to stop fighting for what I thought was right and go with what was right. Stubbornness had to take a backseat.

Previously, I have stated many times how I always felt as though I was at a crossroads; not any more. The main path is laid out, now is the time to walk it.

Have an incredible Wednesday!