This word is used frequently although it appears to be dwindling every day.

The occasion that sparked this thought process was a discussion I had last week with a coworker. He was talking about his brother and his cooking ability and then the discussion turned to grandparents and family recipes. He stated how unhappy he was with his siblings (mostly because they’re the cooks in the family) because they didn’t learn the old world recipes from his grandmother before she passed. Family recipes lost forever.

After thinking about what he said I began to think about what it took for me to retrieve such recipes from both sides of my son’s families. I would literally stand there with a notepad and pen and jot down ingredients and measurements as the dish was being made. Despite all of the grief I received for ‘invading their kitchen’; I’m glad I did.

My intention was to purchase a blank cookbook and write down the recipes for my son as a Christmas present but then I realized that there may be other recipes he wanted . On Christmas Eve, I asked him if he would be interested in receiving such a book; I figured I would do it anyway and hold on to it for future generations should there be grandchildren in my future. To my surprise, he became excited about it and his girlfriend brightened up at the prospect as well.

I had already written down a list of recipes to put in the book; as of that night, several more were requested. I had only thought about the recipes I confiscated from parents; at no time did I think about my recipes.

The blank cookbook is on the way and will be filled with the deliciousness of the families to be passed on. I have seriously considered creating a book more suited to our needs and titling it ‘Heirloom Recipes’.

Think about the recipes in your family; you may be surprised at those that would love to have them!