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I am a BIG fan of going to the movies. There is just something about watching a movie in the theater that I find enhances the experience.

While trying to decide what to see this week, the reviews that stood out the most to me were the ones for Pixels with Adam Sadler. Every one that I found was clearly stated how horrible the movie was and that it was Sadler’s worst one yet. While I’m not his biggest fan, I do like some of his movies I seen; of course my favorite by him being Eight Crazy Nights (does that even count…after all it is a holiday cartoon).

I chose to see Pixels; Why?

It was a movie about 2-D games in a 3-D world. The degrading reviews pushed me to go for the same reason I think Oscar is of Stallone’s best movies. I go for a good show, not for technical excellence.

Back to the subject: Pixels. I laughed for close to 90% of this movie. I am a gamer; I was a gamer in the 80’s and completely ‘get’ the jokes and slams that were in the movie. While part of it could be the recollection of the past good times; my son also laughed for the majority of the movie so it was not just me. The movie provided me with a genuine good time and that’s what the movies are about, personal enjoyment.

Moral of the post; don’t believe everything you read.

Have an awesome Thursday night!