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We wake up each day to start over. A new day, a new way. Changes continue at an ever increasing rate with no hope of understanding them before the next. Creative flow is disrupted, the words simply can’t grow.

Shifting alone is rough. The tendrils of drama hold on even tighter as you pull away. Letting go is the worst, the heart doesn’t understand while the mind is running frantically to catch up to the soul.

Thoughts deviate, perspective changes, diet shifts, wants evolve, desire defines, and cravings run away. Dissension occurs from the outside. Actions of others seem to be as though you are watching a film. Emotions are confused.

You ask yourself “shouldn’t I be upset by that?” or “Why am I not crying?”. All of which simply adds to the confusion.

Time slows and peace is necessary.

Crazy I am not. Evolving I am.