Yesterday I saw a picture of the true zombie apocalypse, young children being mummified by staring thoughtlessly at television. I chuckled at this notion and went on with my day. What better way to celebrate the 4th of July than watching dinosaurs eat people? So off to the movies I went.

After the usual dimming of the lights, the many advertisements that really need to be updated, the turn off your cell phone bits and then the 20 minutes of previews; entered the last comers. These late comers were teenage girls and decided to sit near me.

Obviously, they had not seen the whole shebang on how to turn off the cell phone that was played and decided that during the move is when it was time to be texting and on social media. After disturbing and creating a very unhappy manager (sorry employees) the late combers were babysat for the remainder of the movie. As soon as the credits started to roll, the cell phones were out again.

As I walked past these three girls, they were glued again to the screen of their little phones, no conversation emanating from their mouths, and their eyes unblinking in a true zombie like fashion. I simply shook my head, not that they noticed.

Upon exiting the theater, in front of me were a multitude of people of all ages doing the exact same thing, standing around staring absently at their phones. No one moving, no one talking, not even the smell of burning brain cells trying to function.

Conversation skills are becoming increasingly difficult to find, handwriting skills are no longer taught in the school system, and thinking is something reserved for…well, I’m not quite sure anymore.

I find it truly disturbing that this is acceptable.

By the way, there is therapy for that.

Have a great Sunday!