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We muddle through life in a mundane way searching for the unknown. What exactly am I suppose to do? When you come from a family of lower middle class worker bees, the answer is work some boring job and not enough pay to survive.

Being the one in the family to break that stereotype; going to college, getting that degree, and creating that personal debt to realize that ignorance was bliss and you are still working that same boring job four years later for even less pay then you did four years ago.

I key to break that tradition is to know what your suppose to do with your life. I know I need to live it, I know I need to work for it; but unless there is a goal at the end of the road, it will not happen.

Seven years ago, I began on a journey to save the world. Corny right?

In the years it has taken to educate myself to save the environment so we could continue to live in it, myself and the world has taken even more twists and turns.

There are days I miss the ignorance of being a worker bee. Getting married, having 2.3 children and a dog and living in a house with a white picket fence.

Reality becomes overwhelming and sometimes I want to stick my head in the sand and make it go away. But that is part of the problem. The solution is to fix the cause not the symptoms. How do you fix something that most people don’t realize is broken?

That one I’m still working on. And when you finally realize what you are suppose to do with this life, how do you make it happen when you still have to survive on the boring and mundane job?

I wouldn’t trade my education for anything, nor the trials I’ve endured. I may even spend the next 60 years trying to figure things out. Every day has been full of lessons and will continue to be.

Have an awesome Sunday!