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An old friend recently became engaged. Not really news, people do it every day. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t know the woman he is involved with and I wish them all the happiness they can muster.

What I don’t understand is how; not even two months ago he was engaged to someone else. He is not the only person I know that has done this. I’ve known people that remarried immediately after a divorce. I don’t mean the kind where there is a long separation. I’m referring to the relationships that ended yesterday; goods separation and all.

Shortly will be the two year anniversary of starting my life over. Only recently have I even been able to consider such a relationship again. My divorce was simple, clean and quick on the outside. On the inside, it nearly killed me. I truly believed in death ’til us part, love was all you needed, and I could make anything work; silly me.

I found the break up to need a lot of self time to find who I really was again. The person that somehow became lost in being a couple. To relive, evaluate and understand instances of the past so I could let go and move on and somewhere in there, hopefully learn something from the experience. Letting go is the most difficult thing I’ve had to learn how to do. Releasing the hurt, the anger, and the pity that goes along with it.

Do promises mean anything anymore?
When you tell someone you love them, do you really mean it?

Relationships are work. They take love, understanding, communication, and patience. At the same time you have to balance your needs in there so you can be there for them. It’s not something that should be taken lightly. It feels as though such relationships are not being taken seriously. Not just person to person, but with everything people have contact with. Everything is just stuff essentially including a significant other. What a shame, there is so much more to life.

Have a great day!