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Scattering of four legged friends echo through the house as their claws hit the tile floor. Silence through the night and jitters running high as the carriers are out and open ready to eat up any young little soul that ventures near it. This means one thing, it’s time to see the vet.

The last week has been a daunting one. There has been many hurt feelings across the board and an upset mama because her babies are having problems. After conducting a lot of research and the dealings of the last 7 days, I do not believe in vaccinations for my indoor friends anymore.

The local vet injected the same amount of rabies vaccination in my 9 pound cat as she did in her sister that is 13 pounds. In 1 hour after receiving the shot, my poor baby not only became aggressive, she had an allergic reaction. She had never had a reaction to any shot before. Her last rabies booster was 3 years ago. As any concerned owner would do, I called the vet. The vet’s response was: lock her up. Much to my disgust, I had to.

What I learned about the new rabies vaccination:

The shot is not “clean” like it once was. Look for a vet that uses an non-adjuvented mix and alters the dose according to the weight of the animal.

Carefully administered, low-dose Benadryl can relieve some of the symptoms of the reaction. I used 1/2 tsp of Children’s Benadryl liquid and a dropper. Foaming does occur but subsides in a few minutes. Getting her to eat a crushed pill would have taken a miracle. Plus, I was paranoid about giving it to her in the first place so I checked, rechecked and triple checked the make sure it doesn’t have in it that made the hurt list. There are many things added to Benadryl versions that can hurt your animal so consult a vet before using.

It takes 7-10 days for the shot side effects to wear off.

We don’t know how long the emotional effects are going to take to repair. The twins still have problems being in the room together. I currently, keep my inflicted baby closed in a bedroom when I’m not present or sleeping. There is no unsupervised contact between them.

Patience and more calming patience. When they do interact, there’s growling, hissing, and lurching. We are down to mostly growling, an occasional hiss and so far no lurching in the last 20 hours. Soft talk, saying their name, and reinforcing that everything is all right helps them to return to calm quickly. It also helps them to not feel worse about what happened. Facing their actions with aggression creates a positive feedback. Remember, they are not in control of their senses, they do not understand that there is a problem and consult an animal professional.

I am not against being safe by administering vaccinations. Herd immunity is a completely different subject. I am against irresponsible creation and distribution of such mixtures. When immunizations were created, they were necessary and during epidemic times. The additives now used in their creation makes the actual virus look like child’s play compared to the effects the preservatives, the carriers, and immortal cells have on any living system.

Have a great Sunday!