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I received two presents this past Christmas that have more of an impact on me than anything else I had ever received. I asked for one, a book by Tony Robbins “Money: Master the Game” and the other I ended up with unintentionally but by the same person.

I found out about this book from a Marie Forelo piece. She interviewed Anthony Robbins, and despite of all of the self-help I have been reading and listening to, I simply never listened to him and it has been to my own detriment. I was impressed when he stated the proceeds go to his charity, that made me reconsider my position on spending money on self-help products.

I wanted the book. I was going to just order it when someone close to me asked for something I wanted that wasn’t on a Christmas list and I knew money was not available to this person but a “thing” was being asked for. I feel it was the best $17 ever spent. If at anytime you feel you are not reaching your financial and life goals, get this book and take it seriously.

That same person handed me two old beat up a box sets by Tony Robbins and asked me to give a copy to someone else we knew that could really use it. To make this round about story short, due to many circumstances, I ended up having to rip the sets to my computer and then burning them to disc (of course I finally finished RIGHT before Christmas).

Where is this going?

After I did all of that, I became fearful that there may have been a problem with the burning so I started listening to the discs and well, now I’m hooked on Tony. I have been able to clear the fog that has kept me at the crossroads more many years. As ridiculous as it may sound, for once I don’t fell like I am fighting to make my life happen and it is going down the path I want for a change. I no longer see obstacle as this monumentous problem before me but as a simple little dip in the road that I can easy plow over with my off road tires.

I admit, I feel foolish “coming to my senses” in middle age but better later then never! All the times I have said it’s never to late? It really is never to late.

Have a great Tuesday!