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Everyday I spend time in a world where I watch the young meander about like zombies. Hooked to their cell phones and playing games. Middle aged people scraggly looking for their next hit while they rape the social service system. The elderly are having to decide between food and medicine. Pushing carts in the grocery store parking lot to try and make ends meet.

I am grateful for having two jobs but they don’t exactly promote thinking. My mind begins to wonder and ponder and evaluate what I am seeing on a daily basis. I happen to have noticed that my own boys were in this same stage. Not a stage of life but a stage in society and I was condoning it.

My father grew up during the Depression and he taught me the value of everything I had and everything I worked for. Because of him, ever time I look at a price tag, I think of how many hours I had to sit behind that desk or unload that truck to pay for that item. He always wanted better for his kids and he succeeded.

We all want better for our children. For them not to have to decide between a gallon of milk for the baby or gas in the car to get to work. Perhaps that is were we went wrong.

I see the same behavior patterns in the poor as I see in the rich, the funds are simply coming from a different source.

Growing up, kids couldn’t wait to move out of their parents home and on their own. Now, they simply remain idle in the living room. We did too good of a job making sure our kids do not suffer.

Having adult children can be taxing. Seeing that there is no spark in them to live life is disheartening. Which brings me to the purpose of what I have just done. I have to cut that cord on my end as much as it needs to be cut on their end.

My now ex-husband tried to say something to me while we were in the heat of our divorce when I was completely irrational and not really listening. I felt he was being mean, cruel and trying to hurt our son out of vengeance on me. I was wrong. He was simply seeing that our son needed the boot into the real world of struggling because he had learned a lot since we separated. It took me sometime to see it, but thank you.

Since I have already paid his cell phone bill for this month (he reimburses me for the cost), he will take over paying his own phone bill on the first of the month. At that same time, he also needs to give me a plausible date for finding his own transportation to work and a date to move out.

His friend, my unofficially adopted son, also needs to pick a date to move out. It is time for them to start a life whether they want to or not. It is also time for me to move on with my life.

Have a great hump day!