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Circumstances of life have prevented me from posting the last two days, but that’s ok because the cookin’ still went on!

The recipe for Day 6 was Asian Ginger Beef over Bok Choy. This was FANTASTIC!!! and it was great again for lunch yesterday and lunch today! This is one of those recipes that you make a few batches and freeze. The prep is more than I like but well worth the time. In the end, the beef is so succulent that it melts in your mouth.

Day 7 was Potato and Spinach Soup with Gouda. This soup turned out tasting like well…every other potato soup recipe out there.The disappointment came with the expense of the smoked gouda; even the awesomeness of the cheese couldn’t boost the liking of this recipe. Forks down on this one folks.

Have a yummy day!