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Today is not only the first day of 2015. It is also the day my house started using a pre-made slow cooker calendar for our family meal of the day.

Todays slow cooker meal was Three Cheese Fondue. Young men do not see sliced vegetables and bread served with hot cheese as a meal. Instead, the dipper of choice was left over pigs in a blanket from last night. While this recipe required an ingredient that my family doesn’t normally acknowledge the existence of, blue cheese, the fondue itself turn out tasting good. The garlic was a bit overbearing but nothing we couldn’t tolerate.

There is a small issue I have to deal with when making these recipes. The size of my slow cooker can prove to create some over cooked meals. The amount fondue the recipe made created a thin layer along the bottom of my pot so I need to take the quantity of the recipe into consideration when following the time instructions given. Our meal finished cooking in half the time.

If I decide to make this recipe again there is one change I would make to the recipe. Two cloves of garlic is a little overpowering. One clove may be enough for a good blend of flavors.

Tomorrows meal is wings. They are marinating in the fridge right now even though the recipe doesn’t call for it. 🙂

Have a great night!