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For the last couple of weeks, I received a lot of questions of what I want for my birthday. My typical answer is nothing. Not because I don’t celebrate my birthday (I actually go all out as far as my wallet will allow me too) but because birthdays aren’t about presents. I buy everything I need: pay my mortgage and bills, buy my food and even occasionally I’ll break down and buy clothes. I have everything I want: healthy food, other than work clothes, love, friends, my animals, and my garden. Some stuff wants will always be there simply because some things I can’t justify spending my hard earned money on; that is a personal preference.

Last night I did come up with a birthday wish. After hearing again what can someone get me, I told them to simply take better care of yourself. That is my birthday wish for everyone. If you smoke, cut down or quit. If you drink too much, cut down or stop. If you over consume anything, then stop it. If you’re diabetic, lay off the simple carbs. Take baby steps to reach that goal. Anyone can do it if they truly want to. The best thing we can do for those we care about is to take care of ourselves. That is the best gift of all.

Have a wonderful Sunday, I know I will!