Lately, there’s been a lot of thinking and no writing other than school work. A part of me believes that is a good thing, school comes first and it ensures I don’t get sidetrack as I tend to do. One final research paper has been submitted and graded, a second is done and waiting for editing and submission. The third I have yet to start. My goal is to have all three of my research papers done by Halloween. Why, they’re not due until Thanksgiving?

I have decided to use NaNoWritMo time to finally start on a research book on a specific topic that I briefly outlined sometime ago. Instead of writing another story and leaving this project on the back burner, there is a sense of urgency within that is telling me to do this set of writing. I must follow my instincts!

I did notice that I have to somehow squeeze in a final exam in the next two weeks. I’ll figure something out.

For NaNoWritMo this year, it isn’t a matter of finishing the 50,000 words. I am using it as a means to do what I want to do over what I need to do. I spend so much time of my day doing things I need to do that my writing and knitting/crafts fall to the waist side. When I find a really good book to read, I can’t seem to put it down 🙂

So many ideas, so little time!

I have begun a quest to be able to better communicate with people and it doesn’t appear to be going well. Many hear but don’t listen. Many listen but don’t care. Many care but don’t move. Many move and don’t hear. I may be an introvert but I’m not a shy person. The majority of the people I come in contact with in public and at work have problems with one coherent thought. I find this truly disturbing especially since I’m not “advanced” in any way. I have found I have a gift for research and being a total pain in the ass. I will continue on my journey of discovery and read to learn how to I can better interact with these people without losing my mind. That will be a long road that I will be on for the rest of my life.

Have a great Monday!