Happy Sunday Morning!

I’m sitting here drinking my coffee and finishing up my daily activities while being persuaded very convincing to pet my babies.

Yesterday, a simple two stop trip for a haircut and t-shirts turned into a wonderful morning spent with my boy. I didn’t have a chance to say anything to him before we left that I had a few stops to make too and our departure was suppose to be closer to the after noon but we stayed flexible and went with how the day went. I picked up the Crock Pot calendar and after looking at it, I will have a lot more leeway than I originally thought. Many of the recipes are sauces, desserts or drinks. That’s ok, it gives us a day to cook what we want.

Today is a no homework day since I am very much ahead by two weeks and one of three finals completed in my school work and my last midterm opens up tomorrow. After my undergrad work, this doesn’t seem like much. I know it has to do with the degree program I took but I am grateful for it because otherwise I would not have been prepared for all of the writing I have to do for my grad work.

My garage door decided to be the next broken thing around here. I have no experience on how to fix it but maybe with the help of diy videos I should be able to gather enough information to. I would rather hire someone to make sure it gets done right but that is not an option right now. I’m just grateful that the door was down when it broke so there was no damage to the door itself. Now I understand why so many garage doors are buckled on the bottom.

We had thunderstorms last night and the temperature finally dropped some. For how long, who knows but I will take the break.

Off to start the rest of my day, have a great one!