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I’ve been really bad about posting in the last few months. Mostly because I’ve been trying to figure out what to say. I realize most people really don’t care about whats happening in this little world of mine but somewhere out there someone maybe having a problem and in some far out reaching way, knowing they are not the only ones gives them comfort.

I haven’t been idle all this time. Its amazing how much time job searching takes up and how draining it can be too. I finally found one, a little one but it’s better than what I had before, none. I don’t think the improving search is ever complete for me.

It’s time for me to start thinking about NaNoWritMo. I have had a thought in mind for a novel but the research involved can make it quite difficult to complete in a month. Especially during that particular month. November is a wonderfully busy month for me between the holidays, work and the ending of the school semester. I have several research projects that need to be done by Thanksgiving so I think it is best to hold off on that particular book idea and come up with something else for the challenge. I know have two books waiting for editing, perhaps I’ll be up to working on that more when I can see correctly again with my new glasses.

While on our monthly trip to the book store, we saw a desk calendar released from Crock Pot, 365 days of crock pot recipes. My boy, the spaz that he is, challenged me to use that calendar for our meals next year. So starting on 1 January 2015 and through 31 December 2015, our dinner will consist of the meal listed on that calendar. We do have to make some amenities, we do have food allergies in the house and since I haven’t actually seen the calender yet, I’m sure there are some that may be just sauces so we’ll have to add to them. We’ll work out the details after I get the calender and take a look. I’ll stop and pick up the calender when I my glasses come in.

In the mean time, I challenge everyone out there to do the same thing. Using my crock pot is suppose to make my life easier, let’s see if it does. Pick something that will make your life easier and do it.

My brain has not taken down time, I have come up with a few possible ventures and charity work. Currently, I am researching the ideas and piecing everything together. Time to get back to my papers!

Have a great Monday!