I’m sitting here with my morning coffee getting caught up on the electronic devices for the morning (i.e. email, social media, etc…) when I come across something posted that was quite disturbing. My peaceful morning went out the window when I saw a video that was posted to find this kid that was holding the hind legs of a dog and kicking him in the chest. Each time, the dog fell on his face and then he was back up on his front legs again right before he would kick him again. How long this went on I don’t know, the video ended after one and half minutes.

What I found even more disturbing is that there were at least two other kids in the room doing nothing about it and in fact, they were edging it on. Although my heart goes out to these animals and people that are continually being abused, I also have to acknowledge that there isn’t a whole lot I can do other than support organizations that combat this and do something when confronted with it.

I don’t understand the need to hurt another even when I was on the receiving end of it. Perhaps that is why I am that person that stood before the school bully while he beat on a nerd, I am that person that has stood between a man beating his wife, and I am that person that has chased after the truck that threw a dog out the window while speeding down the interstate after I left help for it. No one has the right to beat, rape, or in anyway hurt another. Be a part of the solution not the problem.

Have a great Sunday