Chaos is a part of everyone’s life, how we deal with it is the kind of person we really are. I wish I could say that I had handled the mass blessings (as Mother Theresa called them) better. Hindsight is 20/20, but everything has been handled, fixed and taken care of in some manner even if now I see what I should have done or reacted, now I know for next time.

One of the things I dropped the ball on in the last week, I neglected the all important NNT. What does NNT mean? Non-Negotiable Time. This is the time that you take care of you whether it’s exercising, meditation or maybe just a few moments of no screaming rugrats around you. Perhaps its the moment you take a walk outside and inhale deeply. 

I became stressed out, started eating poorly, couldn’t sleep, and didn’t want to be around anyone. It took some forced quiet time for me to see I had lapsed and started to revert to the horrible person I was. I’m glad that my family now sees it when it is happening and calls me on it. 

The funny part is that of everything I have rattling around in my head, my thoughts redirected towards NaNoWritMo even though it isn’t for a few months yet. The worst part is that I haven’t finished editing the novel I wrote last year. I always seem to have plenty of work to keep me busy!

Have a great Wednesday!