What to do, what to do. The question every asks at some point in their life. Now, I’m asking again. The first time I asked that question, someone else was able to answer it for me. I loved that career, I loved getting up in the morning, I wish it never ended but it did and I can’t go back to it. 

Now I find that I’m at that crossroad again. As I continue to apply for job after job, that is exactly what they are, jobs. Something to pay the bills. Although these positions would stimulate my brain for a while, in the end they do not invoke the passion that I had in my previous career. 

Researching the internet and thoughts of friends just throws possibilities in the air. I’ve listed my talents, my hobbies, my wants, doing everything the research keeps telling me to to. Yet, none of it is screaming at me. I love each thing individually but how to make a career out of it is being me. 

Perhaps that is part of the search, the lesson, the path finding mechanism. Maybe, being lost is the only way to find the way. I never was one for the road, maybe coloring out of the lines is where I will find what I’m looking for.

Have an awesome Tuesday!