Fair warning, there’s a lot today but I will try and keep it short.

First off, Happy Independence Day. Today we celebrate the treasonous acts of our forefathers. I also would be celebrating my dad’s birthday if he was still here. I find it difficult to celebrate a birthday of a dead person that isn’t in the history books so what’s the point? He will always be in my thoughts and my heart. 

<start rant>

Second, I am having an ongoing battle with my internet company. It’s my own fault for letting it go on this long. I am now logging every time I lose the internet and when it comes back up. After several conversations with tech support, I gave up and just replaced my entire home network. No more excuses and as I already knew, there was no change. I find this disparaging because I remember a time where customer service and giving a customer the product they were paying for was the norm, not any more. I’m tired of shotty service and tech support not telling me what is wrong when they come out and diagnose the problem, they just disappear with no report, nothing. This is going to end even if it means another provider. The boys will just have to suck it up when they don’t have the bandwidth or allowed gigs. Better yet, they can go buy their own service.

<end rant>

Third, somewhere along the line I fell back into being a push over. I’m not quite sure when it happened but somewhere while transitioning to a calmer and happier me, I started letting everyone do whatever and walk all over me. NO MORE. It ends today, starting with I already confronted my neighbor about removing his vehicle from my driveway. If it is not gone by 11am, I will have it towed. If he does not have the tree removed and the broken wall between our properties fixed by the end of the summer, I will file a complaint with the county and pursue a lawsuit. This has been going on for three years and he blows me off every time I talk to him about it. 

Now I have to find that balance of niceness and bitchiness. The fact that I even have to have some bitchiness to keep from being taken advantage of is a bad sign of what society has become.

<begin micro rant>

I’m a push over if I’m nice and I’m a bitch if I don’t give in to your demands, screw you then. I chose to not have you around me. 

<end micro rant>

Now that that is done. It is another scorching day in the desert. The bbq will commence when the sun is no longer pounding the back yard. Meanwhile, lots of snacks, drinks and games to play. Today is a down day, no job searching for me.

Have a great and safe 4th of July!