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A nice and cool, peaceful day. All of the boys are sleeping and the cats are in love me mode. Sitting down with that first cup of coffee in the morning and checking my email. Another prospect for gainful employment, that’s a good thing. I had an interview yesterday and received notifications of application acceptance for a few government jobs, even better. After the daily routine is finished, the next thing is to log into Facebook to see what’s happening.

Besides the fact that for some reason Facebook can’t keep my settings, I have grown tired of the bs that flies. I broke my no posting on social media sometime ago because I really like to post inspiring pictures or articles that mean something to me. Quite a bit of dorky but fun stuff flows through. I don’t do the whole what I’m doing today posting.

 I finally get through all of the word bashing on their neighbors, because yes their neighbors are actually seeing this, NOT! The pity me party bs, sometimes I think I should block them all. Things like this are the continual reminder as to why I like to be alone. I finally get to the important information that I can only seem to find through the BBC newsfeed, the only place I can find actual news. (Some times I wonder if journalists are unhappy with the censorship or just give in to the demands of corporate America.) 

All of that drama to find out world events. How sickening it is that people are more concerned about gossip than they are over the Iraq/militant fight going on or the millions of dollars our president is asking congress for to train foreign troops. No wonder so many important events are missed by our society. If you don’t want drama, don’t create it, stop it and walk away from it. Use common sense. I know it isn’t common but you can develop it. Stop talking about each other behind their backs. Grow a pair and if you have a problem with someone, work it out or walk away. (By the way, I’ve pissed off a lot of people of Facebook today with that.)

I’m going back to my little world, maybe even bake a loaf of bread.

Have a fabulous Friday!