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Why are people so concerned about what things other people have?

Yesterday, I was listening to a friend of mine complain on how much every one has over him. This is a routine complaint from him so naturally I have begun to block his rants out. Then he made a statement about his mother sending him money. My filters failed, horribly.

I began to tear into him about his selfishness and he should be grateful that he has a roof over his head, food and clothes AND a mom that can send him money. I should feel guilty over my reaction but I don’t. To put it simply, I’m tired of the drama.

I continually hear how people want to be happy and yet they are so consumed in the American way of consumerism that they prevent themselves from being happy. Happiness isn’t about how much stuff in your life. It’s about accepting and letting go. Living for the now within reason. Surrounding yourself with positive people.

Leave the drama at the door.

Have a great Thursday!