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We hear a lot of advice on what to do with the rest of our lives. Commencement speeches all tell you to follow your passions. Is that really plausible in today’s world?

I recently saw a clip from a commencement speech Jim Carrey gave where he talks about how his fathers ‘safe’ job wasn’t so safe. I was glad to see that he spoke of hard times that his family went through, no matter how briefly it was mentioned. The way he mentioned it and moved on with his speech showed that no matter the obstacles, you can prevail. Those are the stories young adults need to hear, hard times will follow at some point for the majority of the people in this world. I particularly liked his point that whether you settle or pursue your dream, hard times may happen anyway so go for it.

To answer the initial question, yes. Following your passions are not only plausible but is part of what makes the individual happy and makes this world great. So whether you want to be the rockstar or the next financial guru, no matter what your dream is, pursue it at all costs. Be realistic about it. It probably won’t happen over night and other jobs may have to pay the bills but never stop believing in yourself and pursue your dreams. The future is unwritten so write your own.

Have a fabulous Wednesday!