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Having free time means I would have time to edit my books, right?

It hasn’t been that simple. Letting go of time is a difficult.  In this experiment, I am trying to “let go of time”. Each day, I write out a list of things I need to do the following day. By the end of the evening, there is always one task that doesn’t get accomplished, edit. I am glad to be completing all other tasks and even finding time to knit. Why do I avoid editing?

That question has been turning around between Righty and Lefty and I believe I finally came up with an answer, well, two answers.

The first answer is because I prefer to write then to adjust what was already written. I somehow seems tedious (I don’t know how editors do it, hats off to you!) My ability to be easily distracted and needing the perfect environmental factors simply add to the issue.

The second answer is purely sentimental. A friend of mine would edit my writings while we were at work (our jobs didn’t require much attention and she loved to read my stuff). She graduated and found a wonderful job…in another state. Three months ago, she began the stressful and dangerous path of treatment for breast cancer. As lame as it sounds, every time I sit down to begin improving my work, I think of her even more.

No matter the reason, I need to get this done. So I am going to try it another way. By setting a goal of so many pages a day, perhaps I will finish the task.

Have a great Tuesday!