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There is no shortage of things to be done. Whether it editing, writing, doctor appointments, cleaning or simply someone (or a kitty) wants your undivided attention. It seems that no matter how much we eliminate on our “to do” list, many more appear. On top of that, we are to make time to exercise, eat right, make plans, religious studies and somehow, work and have a life.

The days of all businesses being closed on Sundays are long past. A one income household is no longer a reality for the majority. All we do is keep going, going, and going. A lot like the Energizer Bunny (trademark registered).

Why are we fighting? Why are we killing ourselves for things?

Perhaps I have just finally hit that point in my life that I don’t understand even what I have been fighting for all of these years. What is there to gain? A bigger house? An expensive car? High blood pressure? Ulcers? Diabetes?

Treat each day as a gift, not a chore.

Have a great Wednesday!