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Sitting here and enjoying the peace and quiet that I know I will not see again at least for 24 hours. The boys are still sleeping, the cats are chillin and the coffee is hot. No radio, no traffic, no mewing, no nothing. Just the sound of the keys when I press them. I will take this serene setting especially since I don’t have it often.

Monday begins study week for my institution. Although I still have classes, it is the beginning of the end of this segment. In the last few weeks, I have been bombarded with assignments, projects and papers with one paper left to go. Not to mention looking for a job in my area which doesn’t seem to exist. I will make do as I always have.

Disappointment never seems to cease as my family can’t seem to acknowledge my graduation. I actually received a congratulations from the mother of a friend and not a single one from any member of my family. Two people simply said we can’t make it. Although I appreciate being told they will not attend, I really didn’t expect them too. I am the second person to graduate high school and the first with a college education. 

Perhaps that is why I am the black sheep of the family. I don’t spend my time in front of the brain numbing box, I prefer to read or knit. I have thoughts and opinions that are based on facts and not speculation or emotions. Gardening or hiking is how I like to spent my time outside and not sitting around drinking even though I do participate occasionally.

Being told that “not everyone is as driven as you” is not a phrase that I quite understand. Probably because I don’t see myself as driven but simply completing the task to get me what I want. The choices that we make each and every day determine the outcome of our lives. What I do I do for me and the better myself and the world around me. At no time do I expect others to be the same. However, if those people become obstacles in my path, I will go around.

Simply striving for happiness is enough for me. No hate, no stress, nothing good comes of it. I may be the turtle crossing the line but I am doing it my way and a in a way that benefits me the most.

Have a wonderful Friday.