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A friend of mine made a comment on how he heard a really cool song from our youth while he was at the store and wanted to dance to it. Of course my response was “why didn’t you?”

he claimed “too many people were watching.”

My response was then “and?”

So what if people are watching, so what if they don’t like you enjoying yourself, so what.

If you want to start dancing in line at the store then do it as long as you are not hurting anyone or anything. When did society become stuck on that damn pole to where you can’t have fun anymore?

I am that person that sings in public, I am that person that stands up and dances at a concert, I am that person that will play peek a boo with your kid while they are in a stroller, I am that person that will tell you your shirt tag is hanging out, I am that person that will compliment you and there is nothing wrong with it. Social interaction is a necessity to the human condition.

So get over it and enjoy your life while you can!

Have a great day!