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I don’t normally write to my blog from work but this time I had to make an exception. I will not post this until tomorrow (President’s Day) but I had a short conversation with a coworker that really irritated me. I can only think it is because I thought more of this person then the statement she made.

She told me that once you are sick you will always be sick, you can not get better. This is coming from a very intelligent person, at least I always considered her to be. Highly educated but I did not realize until now that she was so naïve. Unfortunately she truly believes this and because she believes this, she never will heal.

There is no way I will ever believe that I will stay sick for the rest of my life. I may be fighting an uphill battle but I know that I will prevail. If I had listened to the doctors when I was first injured, I would be well on my way to being paralyzed and in a wheel chair. Here I am 10 years away from what traditional medicine claimed would happen and I am not even using a walker or a cane. I was told I would never fully recover from spine surgery and guess what? I have recovered with no residual pain. I was told I can never reverse adrenal failure and goiter, guess what? They were wrong on that point as well. I haven’t reversed those two conditions but I have stabilized them. I am now working on my way to getting my health completely back.

Moral of the rant:

Never believe when someone tells you that you can not change the circumstances you are in. Yes, there are times when that is true but the majority of the time they are wrong. Believe in yourself and you can do wondrous things.

Have a great holiday!