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<begin rant>

It’s a disturbing concept when criminals have more rights then home owners. Last week there was an attempted break in to my home. Condolences of pity were extended by the police and by the insurance company. They couldn’t understand why I was not scared and frightened by the act, I was furious, pissed, ready to bash someones head in. Those lazy s.o.b.’s may not have been able to break in and steal any thing but I see the remanence of their actions every time I got in my back yard.

I’m not sure who to be more angry at, the parents of the undisciplined kids that did this or the county for not allowing me to protect and safeguard my family and home. By county regulations I can not raise my back wall to keep the kids from jumping it. I have been looking in to this since my pool line was busted last summer. Also, by city regulations I can not cause any harm to anyone that enters my property or home.


Since when did those out to do harm to others get the free run? Isn’t that what we pay an exorbitant amount of taxes for so fire and public safety can do their job to protect us from those people? I understand that there is a response time, we don’t have the use of transporters but seriously? Do you think that a line of print on a piece of paper is going to stop me from protecting my family?

What a sad century in America.

<end rant>

Have a peaceful Sunday!