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Isn’t life difficult enough without making it worse than it needs to be?

Day after day, decision after decision, ignorance after stupidity, logic and reason goes out the window.

After shifting of my schedules and jumping through confusing hoops, all is resolved but not without raising my blood pressure a bit. Juggling is fun especially when it is first thing in the morning and you barely have the corner goop and crusties out of your eyes. The brain is not engaged and refuses to, the only response you really have is “huh?” The word what can’t even form yet.

I simple email saying this is the change is easier on everyone involved when simply stated. Multiple emails and phone calls are not necessary especially first thing in the morning.

If that was all that began my morning on Tuesday, it would have been a blessing. Righty said a loadful in my doodle journal. Time to be like Lefty. Life goes on.

Have a great Wednesday!