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I had a classmate approach me at work last night for idle chit chat that turned in to her having a meltdown. I made a comment that one of our professors was kind enough to allow me to combine two of the projects I have to do this semester and I was waiting to hear from the other one. She is also in both of these classes. She appeared baffled as to why I would combine the projects and when I asked her if she read the syllabi, I was not surprised by her confession that she hadn’t. After I explained to her what we had to do for those two classes she began to have a meltdown at my desk and kept saying it was so hard. This is coming from someone graduating in May. After I got her calmed down and thinking straight again, I gave her a starting point for her project and to get organized.

Morals of the story: Anything worth doing is worth doing well; If it was easy, everyone would do it.

Have a great Monday!