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While sitting in lecture today I was astounded by the lack preparedness of those around me. One person in particular caught my attention because she sits next to me in lecture and in the lab portion of the course. She is also in another one of my classes. I found it quite disturbing that she hadn’t read the chapters that we were covering today. This was after she showed up late and disturbed the class. I gave her the benefit of the doubt yesterday in lab when she was working on the previous lab during class and not the current one. This is a senior preparing to graduate in May. I had similar instances occur in my other class today also.

I simply don’t understand how people that enrolled and is paying for this education can’t be bothered to do the work. At the same time, these are the people that cry over there grades. What happened to going to school to learn? Why spend the thousands of dollars if you are not going to do the work? How can you come to class all the time and not be prepared for discussion?

I bust my hind side everyday and I have ever since I decided to go back and get a college education. I don’t have the luxury of someone else flipping the bill. I don’t have a mommy or daddy putting a roof over my head while I go out and party. My parents would never have allowed such behavior and nor do I. My boys know what is expected of them and do not behave like this so it isn’t an age thing. It has to be a parenting thing and the lack there of.

All I can hope is that there inability to do what they need to aids me in finding a job. I am earning my degree and every sleepless night and exhausted minute that goes with it.

A word of advice, if you do chose to go back and continue your education, only go back if you are serious about it. Otherwise, don’t waste your money and our time.

Have a great humpday!