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I became agitated because my boys have not been stepping up to the plate and picking up the slack around the house. They basically slacked off of their norm. Since they are adults, I have been trying to get them to see beyond the short distance of their blinders, not only to help me without me telling them to do something but so that if they ever find a woman they want to spent their lives with she won’t find it necessary to smack them with a cast iron frying pan to get them to listen.

 I initially wrote a note saying ‘don’t do this’ but after getting a decent nights sleep I decided on a better approach. Telling them what to do is hard when they are adults and I don’t want to boss them around but at the same time there are life skills they need to develop. Instead of the commanding way of forcing them to do things I chose to make a benefits list of living here. The note I wrote follows:

 Benefits of living here that I highly encourage you to take a part of:

 – not leaving dirty dishes out overnight (and I drew a little bug next to it)

– clean up a mess when you see it

– check the mailbox

– clean the litter box if I am not going to be here

– tending the cats in their need of food and water

So far the response to it has been good. No heavy sigh, just an ok and the day goes on. We shall see. I really need to stop letting my exhaustion take over the way I interact with people.

 Have a fabulous Friday!