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I just completed my crazy 24 hours of the week. This is the day where my email doesn’t get done until sometime in the afternoon and all of my stuff is in piles through out the dining room. My boys like this day because they get to laugh at the sight, Mom’s organization is off kilter.

There is a daily sequence I go through and one of the tasks is to check my horoscope, I find it entertaining and it general puts a smile on my face (It’s funny). The interesting part is that this one particular site is pretty damn accurate. Today’s made me laugh as I trying to hurry up and get my stuff done. This is the horoscope I just read:

“Too many unfinished tasks or chores today might have you feeling pressured to get them done, creating unnecessary stress and strain. Pace yourself and don’t panic if you have to let some of them go for today.” (www.Horoscope.com)

Have a laugh on me as I am running out the door because I just had to post this!

Have a great one!