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I decided to get somethings done before the upcoming week of chaos and one of the tasks was what we call the Wal-Mart trip. This is a trip I dread because of the people I have to deal with. I have found going in the morning is the best time because all of the “problem” children are not out and about yet.

I had purchased this really cute and small fountain to put in my bedroom. It was only $5 so I figured why not. I read the box and it stated a 3v adapter not included so I checked at Wal-Mart for the adapter. No dice. They do not carry regular wall adapters (at least my local store doesn’t). Radio Shack was right across the parking lot so I figured I would go ahead and go there.

$20! Yes, that is for real $19.99 for a wall plug. I said no way and figured I would use batteries instead. I searched online and the least expensive one was $6.95. Much better but I would still be spending a boat load for a $5 fountain. I don’t have any in my cable box (a large rubbermaid box that has lots of cables and such left over that I kept).

Advice: keep extra wires and plugs as your stuff dies.

Batteries have won out, if I should happen across a 3v adapter then I will use that instead. It’s all good.

Have a fabulous Monday!