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That is what I hear with particular people. These people do nothing but talk and talk and talk and talk. They generally have absolutely nothing worth the use of our valuable oxygen to say. I love it when it I can count how many times in the same blab session they repeat themselves. I have counted up to five different topics and I heard them repeat each topics a different amount of times.

What is really irritating is that I have several of these people that I have to deal with. They have nothing valuable to say and do nothing but complain. They can’t enjoy anything in life and seem to think everyone else should be as miserable as them. It seems like it hurts them to find something positive in the world.

I had one yesterday that has been downright ignorant to me in the past and I do not engage this woman on any level other than work related issues. Yesterday she start seeking some sort of justification from me about her actions in a particular incident she had.  She came up to me later and told me how I would do the same thing she did when actually no I wouldn’t. Rather than engaging her, I let her blab and walk away pissed off that I didn’t agree with her. I hope this was enough to get her to realize I’m not listening and go bug the hell out of someone else.

Have a wonderful Sunday!